Nigerian Nollywood superstar  would consistently like the characteristics the Nigerian entertainer and humorist, Mr Ibu, have offered to the development of Nollywood.

He has been exceptional with his characteristics after he highlighted in numerous life-changing notorious Nollywood motion pictures which are as yet thudding smiles to the essences of the Nigerian watchers and Africa all in all.

Notwithstanding, his certified high characteristics, fans are now and then stressed over his midsection which expanded huge. They considered his wellbeing status to a degree that they affirmed his wellbeing status is at serious risk. Hypothesis terminated back that the entertainer was drowsy and never thought about the exercise center. They additionally unveiled such push his large paunch.Emit behind Mr Ibu' Big Stomach, is extraordinary | WATCH VIDEO

This isn’t honest.The entertainer uncovered the misfortune behind his unimaginable enormous gut to the BBC prior which drove fans touchy. As indicated by him, he described his lifetime misfortune and forewarned fans not to confide in companions since they depicted lip service on him.

Addressing the media, he declared his misfortune with clear proof that he was harmed. Be that as it may, he uncovered his figure; in typical condition, his tummy was enormous however not terribly to the current degree. He further reported that his clinical group saved him from food contamination which he reached from companions during a gathering supper. In Thanksgiving, he uncovered that his wellbeing has been reestablished in spite of his tremendous belly.

In his expressions, he described saying:

“I don’t take liquor up till now. A few people say I don’t take Liquor yet my stomach is large, The gut is a blockhead. It was after they gave me that poison. It was greater than this previously. On the off chance that you had seen it, it resembled a froth. I took medication and it started to descend. Before I couldn’t see my legs.”

“They took me to Nnewi, saying we had a show. They held me there and beat me up. They beat me and afterward embedded toxin in my mouth and fled, leaving me there. It was my young men and artists that came and conveyed me home. It was in Enugu that I woke up. God said no, you are not going yet.”

“Here in my office, they brought the primary toxin, I took it. I was falling near and no one came to inquire. Indeed, even the laborers didn’t enter here despite the fact that they were hearing me fall around. I heaved something in my washroom.”

“They allowed me the subsequent one, The individuals that gave me are the individuals working with me. I gulped another unwittingly on the grounds that I never presumed them until when God opened my eyes. They paid them and gave them enough cash to ensure they kill me. Every one of these plans are from Enugu, my towns individuals and age reviews that are shocked that I can possess a few things, assemble a few houses, purchase house in Lagos. They requested that they proceed to execute me.”

“Peril all over. There is no more love in Nigeria. What we are seeing is consistent assaults, killings all over the place. Every one of these things are the indications of the end time. We ought to petition God for God to show kindness toward Nigeria with the goal that every one of these happenings arranged by malicious individuals will reach a conclusion.”

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